Menu Plan 1/5-1/12

In case you missed it, my menu plan for this week is embedded as a PDF in my post about menu planning, below.  For consistency’s sake I’m reposting it here in the usual format, too.

Here’s what we’re getting in our Local Box:

• Grapefruit – G&S
• Green Onions – Naegelin
• Oriental Turnips – Acadian
• Supergreens (mustard or kale) – Naegelin
• Daikon Radish – My Father’s Farm
• Purple Mizuna – My Father’s Farm
• Cauliflower – J&B
• Apples – Apple Country
• Cilantro – Acadian
• Crimini Mushrooms- Kitchen Pride

And here’s what I’m planning to make:

Wednesday: Beer Braised Bratwurst and Greens
Thursday: Indian Saag (Mustard Green Curry), rice
Friday: Scotch Broth, apple oat muffins
Saturday: Soba Noodle Salad with Mizuna
Sunday: Date night! Food trailer exploration on South Congress
Monday: Cauliflower gratin, broiled grapefruit
Tuesday: Leftover awareness night!


3 responses to “Menu Plan 1/5-1/12

  1. Broiled grapefruit! I’m intrigued. I try, try, try to like grapefruit, but without loads of sugar, can’t do it.

  2. Christi, you might try it in a salad, or just use the juice in a vinaigrette. I find that pairing the grapefruit with greens and acid really helps the flavor and texture.

  3. We got our Local Box, plus the “Surprise Me” which was a baggie of delicious sunflower sprouts, and it is heavenly! I just made baked butternut squash for the first time EVER. Not sure why it took me this long, my mom always made butternut for me as a kid and I always loved it. Now I just need to figure out what to do with those daikon…

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