Menu Plan 1/12-1/19

This has been a really crazy week. You can probably tell I’ve been busy with work and some personal projects because posting on the blog has been light. Sorry about that. It’s for a good cause, though, I promise. Tomorrow at work I start teaching a six-week course called “Exploring Chamber Music” to a large group of retirees. I’ve had a blast putting together the lecture materials and working with musicians to find great repertoire to teach, but it’s been taking up a lot of my usual blogging time. Things should get back to normal soon.

The saving graces in this busy week have been menu planning and my husband. Rami took a turn cooking for three nights this week, and thanks to his diligence and my menu plan, we’ve been able to eat healthy and stay within our grocery budget even though we’re swamped. That was all the incentive I needed to plan out this coming week’s menu. As much help as Rami has been picking up cooking in addition to his usual chores, I do hope that I get to cook all the meals. I really missed my usual time in the kitchen last week.

Here’s what we just got in our Local Box:

Tangerines – Orange Blossom
Red Beets & Greens
Various Lettuce – Acadian
Daikon Radish – My Father’s Farm
Bok Choy – Naegelin
Cauliflower – J&B
Apples – Apple Country
Red Russian Kale – Acadian
Butternut Squash

Here’s what I’m making:

Wednesday: Lettuce salad with classic vinaigrette; balsamic roasted cauliflower over blue cheese grits, apple compote
Thursday: Sweet potato grapefruit souffle (I’m feeling adventurous), balsamic roasted cauliflower
Friday: Wilted Lettuce Salad, grilled cheese sandwiches
Saturday: Ladies who Lunch Potluck!! I’m adapting this Texas Chili Pie to be vegetarian, and experimenting with a new butternut squash casserole recipe
Sunday:  Spicy Bok Choy and tofu in garlic sauce, rice
Monday: Kale and mushrooms over blue cheese grits
Tuesday: Whole beet pasta sauce with penne


3 responses to “Menu Plan 1/12-1/19

  1. Best of luck with your class!

  2. Sounds like a good week ahead! Things are finally slowing down a bit around here so I can spend a little more time in the blogging universe and the kitchen.

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