Breakfast Resolution Update

One of my big New Year’s resolutions is to eat more breakfast in 2011.  Seventeen days into the new year, I’m happy to report that it’s going awesome sort of okay. Except not.

I ate breakfast twice in the last two weeks. Good news first: that’s two hundred percent more breakfast than I ate in 2010. Now the bad news: one of those breakfasts occured at dinner time. (Remember that yummy apple pancake cake  last week?) And the other breakfast came from McDonald’s. I ate it in my car. Not only did it taste terrible, I felt guilty and irritable after I ate it. This is not the food-positive breakfast journey I was hoping for at the beginning of the year!

A lot of my breakfast frustrations boil down to the same issues that plague all struggling home cooks: I’m short on time and know-how.  In the past year, I’ve become great at improvising healthy dinners, but I’m still a newbie when it comes to from-scratch breakfast recipes. And while I’m a pro at menu-planning, the strategies that help me keep dinners organized are too rigid for my feeble, groggy mind to employ at breakfast.

So. I don’t have a lot of breakfast solutions yet, but I’m hoping that this third week of the new year will be easier than the last two. Tonight I’m going to make a batch of apple cheddar muffins for grab-and-go breakfasts. I’m also planning to make some steel cut oats in the crockpot. I tried making steel cut oats over the winter break with crunchy results, but I’m willing to give it another go if that means I can eat breakfast this week. At the very least, I’ll feel less angst about crunchy oatmeal than I would over another McSausage Biscuit.

I’ll let you know how things go. In the meantime, what are your strategies for eating breakfast in the morning?


15 responses to “Breakfast Resolution Update

  1. I used to never eat breakfast, but now that I’ve gone back to school I sort of have to. I have days where I’d have to wait until 2pm to eat if I don’t eat before 9am. This is complicated by the fact that I’m almost never hungry that early AND I don’t like cereal very much. Sometimes I eat yogurt with chia seeds or granola. (I totally love chia seeds, my boyfriend thinks they’re gross.) I also like plain old oatmeal, and then I keep dried cranberries, apricots, and almonds in the cabinet where I keep my coffee stuff. It sort of convinces me that it’s breakfast food, and I mix it into the oatmeal. Toast with almond butter and jam also works, or a scrambled egg, salsa and black beans in a tortilla….and sometimes I’ll eat total non breakfast food, like leftovers from dinner the night before.

  2. I have totally fallen love with the cheddar kale muffins that you posted. I eat one at breakfast with an egg over easy. The muffin heats in the toaster while I cook the egg. Delicious and nutritious! By the way, I added a handful of flax seeds to the muffins for some extra omega-3. Thanks for the recipe!!

  3. I’m one of those people who has to eat right in the morning so breakfast is my specialty! My tried and true favorite is toasted sprouted bread (cinnamon raisin!) with natural pb and creamed honey. If I have time I’ll make my own version of McD’s egg mcmuffin (english muffin, natural canadian bacon and an egg poached in the microwave). And I may or may not be guilty of eating a 2nd breakfast mid morning–usually steel cut oats with cinnamon and raisins with a splash of soy milk. I’m getting hungry now just thinking about it…Good luck finding something that you can incorporate into your morning routine!

  4. I don’t have time for breakfast before I leave the house so I eat it at work. We have a toaster there again so I often bring an English muffin or piece of bread to toast, and have it with peanut butter. I also like to make batches of muffins and freeze them – they only need 30 seconds in the microwave. You can make a porridge out of wild rice, quinoa, or couscous, adding milk/cream and dried fruit. Cook a big bowl and reheat. Oh, and you can make eggs in the microwave. I’m going to have a post on that soon.

  5. Heya! You might try steel cut oats in a rice-maker, also. I live in an apartment now without a stove-top, so I make a lot of great things in the rice-maker: lentils, orzo, Israeli couscous … rice. I find it to be sometimes more thorough in the straight up cooking part, even though a crock-pot could arguably be better for flavor!

  6. Mmm. I’ve been wanting to try cooking steel cut oats in a crock pot. If only I had a crock pot!!

  7. Oh the dreaded timing of making breakfast. I’m right there with ya sista. One breakfast that I found and love that can be made ahead of time is brown rice cereal. I make a big batch of brown rice on Sunday night then make up small containers for individidual breakfasts with the rice and coconut milk (you can use any kind of milk). I add some cinnamon, dried cranberries and chopped nuts as well. I bring it to work, pop it in the microwave, drizzle a little honey on it and wallah! It’s yummy!
    Good luck with your breakfast resolution! Looking forward to reading about the recipes you discover along the way.

  8. Hey Kathryn! It’s Paige (from college, band, Hyde Park Orch, etc). I love reading your blog! 🙂

    I work in a cubicle environment, so I don’t know if my strategies will work for you, but my go-to breakfast on weekdays is greek yogurt and granola. I scoop out individual portions of yogurt into tupperware to keep in the fridge. Then I scoop out individual granola servings. That way I can grab some granola, grab a thing of yogurt, bring them to work, mix them together at my desk, and I eat them as I catch up on my email first thing in the morning.

    I also keep a canister of oatmeal at my desk (the 1 minute Quaker stuff that you can cook in the microwave) for those days that I’m out of yogurt and don’t have time to go to the store. It’s great plain or with some dried fruit thrown in. I think baking muffins, banana/pumpkin/zucchini bread, scones, or little servings of “frittatas” baked in a muffin tin or something could be good “grab and go” breakfasts as well.

    Also, how do you cook steel coat oats in a crock pot? That’s awesome!

  9. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog, Kathryn! Denis and I love the crockpot oatmeal. The really amazing thing is that we can refrigerate any leftovers and it still tastes great when we warm up the next day.

  10. Hey Kathryn!
    It sounds like what would work best for helping you stick to your resolution would be to maybe make some things on the weekend that you can eat the rest of the week. Breads that you can spread fruit compotes over, oatmeal that you can separate into individual servings for “grab and go” convenience, yogurts, nuts… quite a few things can be prepared a day or two (or three) ahead of time, so that you won’t have to think about actually cooking and preparing something in the mornings.

    This morning I had oatmeal with mashed up banana and pumpkin mixed in and sweetened with maple syrup and cinnamon. For my protein I had a handful of almonds. One of my favorite quickie breakfasts (though it does require a little cooking in the morning, lol) is an open face English muffin egg sandwich. Cut an English muffin in half and spread a thin layer of cream cheese with pesto on each half. Add a couple of slices of tomatoes, and top it with the egg cooked however you prefer it. Sometimes I put avocado on top of it too. It takes all of about 10 minutes to cook and prepare.

    Hope this was helpful 🙂
    I love your blog!

  11. funny! i am about to post my new favorite granola recipe – this way, you make it at night and eat it in the MORNING! BRILLIANT 😀

  12. breakfast is a constant struggle for me. i never ate it when i was younger, and so trying to get in the habit now has been troublesome. i’ll usually be good for a wk, but then resort to going to the deli daily in my building at work. my fave thing lately though is 1 1/2 packets of instant oatmeal (i like maple spice), adding a bunch of fresh blueberries, enough water to make it soupy and microwaving for a 1 1/2 min so that the blueberries kind of melt and get gooey. YUM! if i have it on hand, i also love a small cup of chocolate soy milk. dammit, now i’m hungry!

  13. I normally always have to eat breakfast right away or I become a grump 🙂 haha. So some things I normally do is : sometime during the weekend, make a whole box of quinoa (add whatever to it). Then reheat during the weekdays and eat alone or add a fried egg on top. Making oatmeal in large quantities works too, except sometimes it tends to get mushy if kept in the fridge for too long. I love to make pancakes or waffles and freeze ahead, muffins, etc. Protein bars (last resort), and now scrambled eggs in the microwave (thanks Megan!!), if I am in a hurry. Made them this morning and turned out perfectly.

  14. Ohmygosh, I am the worst breakfast eater in the entire world. Always have been. Lately I’ve been figuring it’s better to just skip it entirely than eat a hash brown and an apple pie from McDonalds. Though, I will admit to a croissant from Starbucks yesterday morning. My problem is I don’t really like many breakfast foods. If I had all the time in the world I would have various kinds of egg white omelets every morning with different lightly sauteed vegetables, fresh squeezed orange juice next to my coffee, and a glorious bowl of fruit (and the errant piece of bacon on Sundays). But real life does not work like that at all for me and I can’t seem to stock my fridge well this year, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I think I need more exercise – kind of a tangent, but I think if I had more exercise I’d feel more like a real human being and maybe have more of a schedule. Can you tell meal planning is not really working for me?

  15. Hi Kathryn…I have found it helpful to standardize breakfast. Once in awhile I vary it but for the most part its toast and eggs everyday. Standardizing means less thinking and it works for me. This is a Dr. Oz strategy for weight maintenance as well.

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