Meal Plan 2/2-2/8

Last night I met a bunch of Austin food lovers at an ATX Food Swappers event co-hosted by Megan, Kate, and Sarah. This was my first-ever food swap and I am so glad I worked up the nerve to go!  I took 5 packages each of whole wheat beer bread mix and chocolate chai truffles and swapped for a huge number of homemade goodies. Most of those goodies are perishable, so I have a wonderful assortment of ready-made breakfast and dessert items to include in my meal plan this week.  The food swap items listed below link back to their original makers as much as I could manage; I am thrilled that my menu will contain so many exotic yummies and tasties!
You’ll also notice that I’m reserving the avocados, sweet potatoes and kale from this week’s local box for a special slew of Super Bowl foods I’m making on Sunday. I’ll post that tailgate meal plan separately.
Here’s what’s coming from Greenling in my local box:
  • Sweet potatoes – Naegelin
  • Green Cabbage – Naegelin
  • Green Leaf Lettuce – Acadian
  • Swiss Chard – My Father’s Farm
  • Kale- Gundermann
  • Cilantro – Fruitful Farms
  • Green Onions – Naegelin
  • Avocados – G&S
  • Grapefruit or Navel Oranges – G&S
  • Fennel or Kohlrabi- My Father’s Farm
Here’s what I’m planning to make and eat:
Wednesday: Cabbage and dumplings incorporating chicken and fresh thyme into the recipe, Banana sorbet with peanut butter semifredo
Thursday: Cheddar Chard Pizza for Gluten Free Pizza FestMeyer Lemon Sorbet
Friday: black pepper pork bahn mi with pickled daikon & carrots
Saturday: Lettuce salad with green onion and cilantro dressing, blue cheese olive loaf
Sunday: Super bowl menu & recipes will be posted separately!
Tuesday: Leftover awareness night!
Breakfasts: chocolate chip banana bread, apricot turnovers, Granola Bars

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