#2: Crestview Station

Photo credit: Liz Love


11 responses to “#2: Crestview Station

  1. CHILLY! And adorbs. I like your red lips too my dearest.

  2. SO lovely! Your a trooper for making it without the coat, winter will not get the best of this remix!

  3. Do you take the light rail into town? And, you look adorable!

  4. I know I should be talking about your outfit, right? But I am shocked that the commuter trains are a reality there. It seemed like it was delayed and delayed and delayed while I was there. I finally gave up and move to Portland where the great public transit was already set up 😉

    The Auspicious Life

  5. Yay! 30×30 is back! Love seeing the combos you come up with and I appreciate you brave folks who take on such a challenge. I could never do it – it would be way too embarrassing to post pics of my preferred weekend outfits i.e. my pjs!

  6. I’ve not tried this scarf look yet, but need to. No one can tell if we’re chilly, if ya know what I mean:)

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