Meal Plan 5/26-5/31

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I am in a great mood today for many reasons. The top three are (1) the week is halfway over, (2) we get the day off on Monday! and (3) Rami’s and my first wedding anniversary is on Monday!!!!!! It seems like just a few months ago that we were planning our wedding in Iowa. I smile every single time I see a lemon because they remind me of our marriage, and I’m planning to make some lemon bars over the weekend so we can relive that part of our wedding day. 🙂

Rami and I were talking today about whether either of us was surprised that the first year is nearly over, and while neither one of us doubted that we’d still be married after one year (whew!) we both agree that the year has gone by really quickly. It’s also a little shocking to be married for a year because that’s something that grown-ups do. Even at 26 years old, I am surprised when I have moments that define me as a grown-up.

Still, grown-up I am, and that means making a menu plan. Even on wedding anniversary week! Here’s the produce I’m working with from the Local Box:

Here is what I am planning to eat and cook:

Wednedsday: we went out to Chuy’s for dinner. Creamy Jalapeno is my friend.

Thursday: venison meatloaf, pickled beets, lettuce salad, baked sweet potato

Friday: Corn Radish Salad, Zucchini quick bread, pickled beets

Saturday: Picnic: Corn Radish Salad, Peanutty Carrot Tea Sandwiches, Beet-and-Pecan Tea Sandwiches, Basil Goat Cheese Tea Sandwiches

Sunday: Leftover Tea Sandwiches, Pesto Pasta Salad on a bed of lettuce

Monday: Blackberry Peach Cobbler, Roast Chicken with beets and carrots, Lemon Bars

Tuesday: Leftover Awareness Day!!

Breakfast: oatmeal! I am doing really well at eating breakfast at home lately. Three times this week!


7 responses to “Meal Plan 5/26-5/31

  1. Are those photos from your wedding? They are gorgeous! What a colorful and fun idea! Congrats on the one year anniversary! Just wait until you hit 10! It goes by soooooo fast. 🙂

  2. Love love love your menus. I also love lemons-Think I may have to bake something lemony and think of you two Amore!

  3. Dawn Hutchison

    Happy Anniversary on Monday! It is hard to believe that a year has passed! We will think of you when we’re in Melrose this weekend.
    Have a great anniversary weekend!

    • Thanks, Dawn! I miss you guys. We were just remembering last night how much fun we had hanging out with everyone all together last year at this time. 🙂

  4. Hi Kathryn, Yes… Somehow, when you’ve found & married the right spouse, the years fly by.. Stop and smell the roses, celebrate each waking moment together and Happy 1st Anniversary to you2! I am putting a pkg in the mail today, Abdul brought home a couple things for you2..Hope we can talk at night, Abdul is up til about 8pm..He will be here til next Friday.. Enjoy celebrating your Anniversary.. Love Mama

    • I will ask Rami if we can call you guys tonight. (We don’t need each other’s permission– just nice to catch up when both of us are home!) 😀

  5. That is just too cool, the yellow theme. Happy Anniversary!

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