Picnic at Northwest District Park

Picnic Food

Rami and I stayed close to home for this weekend’s picnic, at Northwest District Park in the Shoal Creek neighborhood of Austin. This park is one of my favorites in the city, and it’s the perfect place for families to hang out on Memorial Day Weekend.

Northwest District Park Sign

Northwest District Park has lots of picnic tables, a pool, a pond, basketball courts, and a large playground. It’s a huge park, with two entrances: one on the east side of the park at 7000 Ardath Street, and another on the west side of the park at Shoal Creek Blvd. between Dover and Pinecrest Blvd. The park has many grassy lawns and paved walking areas shaded by tall trees.

One of the best things about picnicking at Northwest District Park is its abundance of picnic areas. Like many of Austin’s parks, Northwest has three large, reservable picnic areas with many tables. However, it also has several more secluded picnic tables tucked around the park.


We chose this one to set up our picnic since it was situated in the shade of a pecan tree and overlooked the playground.

Our menu for this picnic was our favorite yet.

  • Mint sun-tea from Zhi Tea: fill a large mason jar with water and add two teaspoons of tea for each six ounces of water. (I used a large tea filter like this to hold the loose tea.)
  • Peanutty Carrot Tea Sandwiches: these are a wonderful alternative to plain PB&J. We skipped the raisins and used Confituras marmalade in the recipe. Yum!
  • Corn Radish Salad with Jalapeno Dressing An awesome spicy salad that uses radishes! I’m going to play with this recipe again for next week’s picnic since we enjoyed it so much.
  • Strawberries and Blackberries: sadly, local strawberries are gone for the season, but the blackberries from Wheeler Farm were super sweet!
  • Summer squash bread with beet-pecan sandwich spread.
I loved the corn radish salad and the blackberries. Rami’s favorite thing was the peanutty-carrot sandwich spread and the iced tea. And see the mint leaves garnishing the berries?? I grew those in a flower-pot outside my house! 😀

One thing that’s not coming across in these pictures is the ridiculous number of bugs swarming around us and our food. I got 13 mosquito bites while I was plating the food and taking this picture!

Because of all the bugs, Rami and I ate in record time and hightailed it outta the park. We spotted an egret at the pond as we left, just before the sun set.


7 responses to “Picnic at Northwest District Park

  1. wherethedaytakesme

    Nice late spring/early summer day.
    That tea looks so refreshing.

  2. yum!!! everything looks so tasty. esp that summer squash bread w/ spread. sooooo i was in austin for the day friday. i went w/ a couple of lady friends for a mini vacation. it was fun!!! i’ve never spent much time down there. i would definitely think about moving there if i wasn’t trying to leave tx altogether. it’s just to damn hot for me. oh and my nose was extra itchy there. but we had a blast! 😀

  3. I hope you guys had a great anniversary! Another solid picnic lunch. I love reading your menus as it’s always full of things I never would have thought of myself. Very creative!

  4. What a beautiful spread. I love your creative food pairings-the pics are beautiful. With a menu like that you could certainly forget about the Texas heat for a while.

  5. Looks like it was a lovely day despite those pesky mosquitos. Your menu sounds delish!

  6. You make picnicking look so fun but since I know it’s now over 100 degrees and there are mosquitos and bugs — a little less so. But I applaud your effort and I love your photos and recipes! Marvelous 🙂

  7. Thanks, Jodi! We missed our picnic last weekend because of IACP, etc. etc. etc but we’re headed out to explore Pickfair Community Center this Sunday. 🙂

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