Meal Plan 6/16-6/21

I did a little dance when I unloaded our Local Box this week. We got okra, peaches, basil and two kinds of tomatoes. It doesn’t get much summery-er than that. Rami and I made short work of the tomatoes and ate those in a sandwich already. The summer peas aren’t far behind– they’re made up in a salad in the fridge and I’ll be eating them as soon as I publish this post.

Here are the ingredients I’m working with:

Peaches – Caskey Orchards
Assorted Summer Squash – Massey Farm
Basil – My Father’s Farm
Mango – G&S Groves
Valley Girl Tomatoes – My Father’s Farm
Juliette Tomatoes – Hillside Farm
Summer Peas – Just Peachy Farm
Spring Onions – Acadian Family Farm

Here’s what I’m making:

Thursday: Tomato Sandwiches, Fresh Black-Eyed Pea Salad


Friday: Stewed okra and tomatoes, buttermilk biscuits

Saturday: Summer Squash Soup, sliced tomatoes with salt and pepper, peach cobbler (I’ll probably toss the mango in with the peaches)

Sunday: Vegetarian Penne

Monday: Picadillo (South American hash made with venison, onions, tomatoes, garlic, etc.), Tortillas

Tuesday: Leftover awareness night!

Breakfast: We’re on a toast and cream of wheat kick, embellished with homemade jams galore from the spring canning season and ATX Foodswappers


3 responses to “Meal Plan 6/16-6/21

  1. I love your local box finds! I have to look into farmer’s markets around here.

  2. Where/how do you get your local box?

    • Chelsea, we get the Local Box from Greenling Organic Delivery here in Austin. It’s $35 per week with no delivery fee, and they bring us a bunch of locally sourced, organic produce. We love it!

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