Let’s try this again: Big News!

Dear blog subscribers,

I recently upgraded the software I use to blog, including a redesign of the entire layout and look of The Austin Gastronomist. You can see these changes at the site’s homepage: http://austingastronomist.com. The new blogging software I’m using is a lot more powerful than the old platform. Some of the improvements include

  • bigger pictures
  • faster loading time
  • better organized content
  • cleaner, easier-to-read layout
  • posts are easier to share via email, Twitter or Facebook

The best part of the redesign is that it’s much easier for me to design new posts, so I’ll be sharing even more new recipes and stories about local food than before!

I’m trying to make these improvements without disrupting your experience reading the blog. One thing I can’t do myself is to transfer all the email and WordPress subscriptions to the new host. That’s where you come in. If you’d like to continue receiving email, Google reader, or other subscriptions from my blog, please visit the site and sign up again using the “subscribe” option in the sidebar. Sorry for the hassle; I hope this is the only bump we encounter with the new site design. Thanks you for reading my blog and happy cooking!

All the best,
Kathryn Hutchison

2 responses to “Let’s try this again: Big News!

  1. Love the new site!!!!! I’m signed up. 🙂

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