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Meal Plan 3/16-3/22

Cheddar Kale Muffins

It’s definitely spring time in Austin! The weather is nice and warm, and there’s no frost in the forecast until later in the year. The winter greens like bok choy, spinach, and mustard are still coming fast and furious, but now some more tender plants like tomatoes are here, too! We’re on our third straight week of tomatoes in the Local Box, so I guess I can quit pinching myself and cook them, already. For the past two weeks, I’ve been eating the tomatoes as soon as they arrive on my doorstep, sliced with a little sea salt. They taste like sunshine. I’m not sure Rami is even aware that we’ve had tomatoes in the house, though, and I bet he’d like me to share starting this week!

Here’s what we’re getting in the Local Box:

Slicing Tomatoes – Gundermann
Lettuce Heads – Fruitful Farm
Spinach – Naegelin Farm
Mustard Greens – Gundermann
Shallot Scallions – Lund Produce
Navel Oranges OR Grapefruit – G&S Grove
Bok Choy OR Green Cabbage OR Collard Greens – Naegelin Farm
Green Garlic – Texas Daily Harvest
Multicolored Carrots OR Beets – Animal Farm

Here’s what I’m making for dinner:

Wednesday: SXSW party and barbecue for dinner. (I feel so hip just writing that!)
Thursday: Spaghetti with raw tomato sauce and romano cheese
Friday: Savory granola with roasted beets/carrots, served over lettuce
Saturday: Mustard Green and Lentil Sprout curry, rice
Sunday: Serrano creamed spinach/collards, corn bread
Monday: Venison meat loaf, steamed greens, corn bread
Tuesday: Leftover awareness day!
Breakfasts: Cheddar Kale Muffins made with some other greens instead of kale

Disclosure: Greenling Organic Delivery is a sponsor of my blog. I love working with them because they’re a great purveyor of organic produce that’s grown right here in Central Texas.


Meal Plan 2/9-2/15

Oh, happy day. My Greenling Local Box arrived today just like clockwork, even though I didn’t get home from work until 7:30 tonight.  The next few nights are very hectic here in the El-Farrah/Hutchison home, so I’m aiming for super quick and easy suppers until this weekend, when I’ll have a little more time to cook. Monday’s Valentine’s Day Dinner is a surprise. Top Secret. My lips are sealed. But there may be some chocolate. And also garlic…

Here’s what’s in the Local Box:

Bibb Lettuce – Bella Verdi
Leaf Lettuce – Acadian
Microgreens – Bella Verdi
Collard Greens – Gunderman
Fennel – J&B Farm
Portabella Caps – Kitchen Pride
Multicolored Carrots – Animal Farm
Grapefruit – G&S Grove
Tangerines – Orange Blossom
Beets & Carrot Juicing Bag – My Father’s Farm
Sweet Potatoes – Naegelin

Here’s what I’m making:

Wednesday: We ate takeout tonight since I was a day late with the meal plan.
Thursday: Lettuce salad & microgreen salad with carrots and shallot & grapefruit dressing
Friday: Beer braised bratwurst and collard greens
Saturday: Portabella pizzas, lettuce salad with shallot and grapefruit dressing
Sunday: Roasted fennel and carrots, pita bread with beet hummus
Tuesday: Leftover awareness day!

Local Box Super Bowl Menu

I saved a bunch of great produce from my Local Box Delivery to make a feast for the big game tomorrow. I don’t particularly care who wins the football game, but I do feel very strongly about watching all the commercials. I’ll probably knock out most of the cooking for this early tomorrow afternoon so that I’ll have plenty of time to catch the commercials in all their glory starting during the pre-game show. Here’s what’s on the menu:

I’m using the avocados and cilantro to make my own version of Bob Armstrong Dip: a bowl of queso topped with a scoop of venison taco meat, guacamole, and sour cream.  We’re eating this with El Milagro tortilla chips, some of my favorites made right here in Austin.

I’m using the sweet potatoes and the rest of the cilantro to make Oven Baked Sweet Potato Fries with Creamy Cilantro Dip.  The gorgeous tuscan (dinosaur) kale will bake up nicely into Kale Chips with sea salt and cumin.  I’ve been wanting to try to make “hippy chips,” as those are called, since I saw Addie Broyles write about them in the Statesman last week.

I’ll use the beets from Naeglin farm to make Beet hummus with pita chips. My husband and I had some beet hummus at the San Diego farmer’s market when we were in California over the Christmas break; I’ve been wanting to make it myself for quite a while now, and I’m excited to finally get a crack at it.

I’m saving all our gorgeous oranges, tangerines an grapefruits from G&S Groves to make cocktails.  These recipes for salty chihuahuas, shandies, and ruby champagne cocktails are all in contention; however my brother in-law has official bartender duty, so it will be up to him to dole out the drinks. Happy cooking tomorrow, and cheers to great commercial breaks!

This post is sponsored by Greenling Organic Delivery and also appears on their blog, “Eating out of the Local Box.”

Meal Plan 2/2-2/8

Last night I met a bunch of Austin food lovers at an ATX Food Swappers event co-hosted by Megan, Kate, and Sarah. This was my first-ever food swap and I am so glad I worked up the nerve to go!  I took 5 packages each of whole wheat beer bread mix and chocolate chai truffles and swapped for a huge number of homemade goodies. Most of those goodies are perishable, so I have a wonderful assortment of ready-made breakfast and dessert items to include in my meal plan this week.  The food swap items listed below link back to their original makers as much as I could manage; I am thrilled that my menu will contain so many exotic yummies and tasties!
You’ll also notice that I’m reserving the avocados, sweet potatoes and kale from this week’s local box for a special slew of Super Bowl foods I’m making on Sunday. I’ll post that tailgate meal plan separately.
Here’s what’s coming from Greenling in my local box:
  • Sweet potatoes – Naegelin
  • Green Cabbage – Naegelin
  • Green Leaf Lettuce – Acadian
  • Swiss Chard – My Father’s Farm
  • Kale- Gundermann
  • Cilantro – Fruitful Farms
  • Green Onions – Naegelin
  • Avocados – G&S
  • Grapefruit or Navel Oranges – G&S
  • Fennel or Kohlrabi- My Father’s Farm
Here’s what I’m planning to make and eat:
Wednesday: Cabbage and dumplings incorporating chicken and fresh thyme into the recipe, Banana sorbet with peanut butter semifredo
Thursday: Cheddar Chard Pizza for Gluten Free Pizza FestMeyer Lemon Sorbet
Friday: black pepper pork bahn mi with pickled daikon & carrots
Saturday: Lettuce salad with green onion and cilantro dressing, blue cheese olive loaf
Sunday: Super bowl menu & recipes will be posted separately!
Tuesday: Leftover awareness night!
Breakfasts: chocolate chip banana bread, apricot turnovers, Granola Bars