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Meal Plan 5/10-5/17

It’s raining in Austin right now! We desperately need some rain, and all the clouds from this cold front are expected to stay for the rest of the week. Hooray! More good news: Rami and I cleaned out our kitchen last weekend and I found a picnic basket in one of the cupboards above the fridge.We decided that picnics would be fun, cheap dates for the summer and we have resolved to take picnics together on the weekends. Any good ideas for picnic locations in Austin?

Of course, there are other meals to plan besides picnic dates! Here’s what we’re getting in the local box:

Yellow Beans – Animal Farm
Kale – Green Collar
Carrots – Acadian Family Farm
Red Beets – Massey Farm
Purple Top Turnips – Gundermann Acres
Watermelon Radish- Tecolote Farm
Radicchio – Tecolote Farm
Red Leaf Lettuce – Acadian Family Farm
Spring Onions – Bar W Ranch & Farm
Garlic – Fruitful Hill Farm

Here’s what I’m making:

Wednesday: Death by Garlic Pasta (I’ll add radicchio to this recipe)
Thursday: Steamed beets, Venison meat loaf
Friday: Vegetable Pot Pie w/ turnips, carrots, onions, yellow beans
Saturday: Picnic dinner! Spanish-style beet, carrot and egg sandwiches, apple slices with honey, cava
Sunday: We’re eating out before the Texas Rollergirls Bout! My friends Rebecca and Brooke will be playing and we are psyched to see them kill! kill! kill!
Monday: Rustic Radish Tart , lettuce salad with garlic vinaigrette
Tuesday: Leftover awareness night


Meal Plan 3/16-3/22

Cheddar Kale Muffins

It’s definitely spring time in Austin! The weather is nice and warm, and there’s no frost in the forecast until later in the year. The winter greens like bok choy, spinach, and mustard are still coming fast and furious, but now some more tender plants like tomatoes are here, too! We’re on our third straight week of tomatoes in the Local Box, so I guess I can quit pinching myself and cook them, already. For the past two weeks, I’ve been eating the tomatoes as soon as they arrive on my doorstep, sliced with a little sea salt. They taste like sunshine. I’m not sure Rami is even aware that we’ve had tomatoes in the house, though, and I bet he’d like me to share starting this week!

Here’s what we’re getting in the Local Box:

Slicing Tomatoes – Gundermann
Lettuce Heads – Fruitful Farm
Spinach – Naegelin Farm
Mustard Greens – Gundermann
Shallot Scallions – Lund Produce
Navel Oranges OR Grapefruit – G&S Grove
Bok Choy OR Green Cabbage OR Collard Greens – Naegelin Farm
Green Garlic – Texas Daily Harvest
Multicolored Carrots OR Beets – Animal Farm

Here’s what I’m making for dinner:

Wednesday: SXSW party and barbecue for dinner. (I feel so hip just writing that!)
Thursday: Spaghetti with raw tomato sauce and romano cheese
Friday: Savory granola with roasted beets/carrots, served over lettuce
Saturday: Mustard Green and Lentil Sprout curry, rice
Sunday: Serrano creamed spinach/collards, corn bread
Monday: Venison meat loaf, steamed greens, corn bread
Tuesday: Leftover awareness day!
Breakfasts: Cheddar Kale Muffins made with some other greens instead of kale

Disclosure: Greenling Organic Delivery is a sponsor of my blog. I love working with them because they’re a great purveyor of organic produce that’s grown right here in Central Texas.

Meal Plan 1/26- 2/1

Look who interrupted our menu plan last week! Ella’s arrival into the Hutchison family means that I skipped most of last week’s meals and I’m working with leftover ginger, beets, citrus, and apples in this week’s menu.  No complaints here, though. My grocery bill is very happy to have the extra ingredients. And I’m happy to have the new niece.

Here’s what we’re getting from Greenling in the Local Box:

  • Tangerines – Orange Blossom
  • Mustard Greens – Naegelin
  • Broccoli – Texas Daily Harvest
  • Various Lettuce – Acadian
  • Baby Arugula – My Father’s Farm
  • Red or Green Kale – Naegelin
  • Napa Cabbage – TDH
  • White Mushrooms – Acadian
  • Yellow Onions – Naegelin
  • Grapefruit or Navel Oranges – G&S

Here’s what I’m planning to cook:

Wednesday: Happy hour with friends
Thursday: Napa Cabbage Slaw, Crock pot chicken
Friday: Quinoa with Arugula and Broccoli (just steam the broccoli and sub for the asparagus in Amy’s recipe), apple compote
Saturday: Grilled Cheese with Mozzarella and Garlic Kale Pesto, leftover chicken
Sunday: My own version of this curried mustard green recipe, rice
Monday: Austin Food Swap! Rami is on his own tonight.
Tuesday: Leftover Awareness Day!
Breakfast: Red flannel hash, magical scrambled eggs
Bonus: Onion and Mushroom pizza (gotta plan ahead for Jessica’s Gluten-Free Pizza Festival!)

Meal Plan 12/8-12/15

The Christmas crazies have officially started! This coming week is gonna be a weird one, in that I’m cooking almost zero dinners at home. Tonight I feasted on samples from Tom’s Tabooley the Better Bites of Austin holiday gift fair. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I’m eating at social events for every meal except one. Monday morning, my husband and I head out to California for a week to spend time with family for the holidays!  If you lost count, that means I only need to cook two dinners. So. What to do with the rest of the local box?

I’m going to try to make and freeze a few big casseroles with some of the food. That way I’ll have some dinners stored up for when we get home from California. The rest of the food will either stay in the pantry or get served up at a baby shower I’m hosting on Saturday.  Here are the ingredients for Greenling Iron Chef, casserole edition:

  • Assorted Peppers – Lundgren
  • Persimmons – Oasis
  • Butternut Squash – Gunderman
  • Yellow Onion – Naegelin
  • French Breakfast Radish – Acadian
  • Oriental Turnips – Acadian
  • Lettuce Mix – My Father’s Farm
  • Collard Greens – My Father’s Farm
  • Meyer Lemon- Acadian

Here’s what I’m going to do with each thing.  I borrowed Stephanie’s meal plan format for this one, organizing by ingredient rather than day of the week:

Lettuce Mix & Radishes: this is a biga** bag of lettuce. We’ll eat it for both dinners along with a few radishes and some classic vinaigrette from Joan Nathan’s new French cookbook.

Peppers, Onions, Collard Greens:  The peppers and onions will make a great enchilada sauce. I’ll fill the enchiladas with jack cheese, steamed collard greens and leftover shredded turkey that’s been in the freezer since Thanksgiving, spiced up with cumin and chile powder, of course. These will freeze great until we get home from vacation.

Turnips: These puppies are going into a sweet, custard-like casserole that we can eat for breakfast and snacks.

Sweet Potatoes & Butternut Squash, Lemons & Persimmons: these are all going in the fridge or pantry until we get home from California. Fingers crossed that the persimmon will chill in the fridge and keep ripening once we get home.

Meal plan 9/15-9/22

I am so excited about this week’s Local Box! We’re getting the perfect ingredients for chili, and I’ve really been wanting to try a new recipe.  Plus I get three second chances: pinto beans, baby squash, and radishes! We have received all three of these at least once over the past several weeks and I couldn’t figure out how to use them.  This week I am armed with several easy recipes and I am determined to make the most of these summer yummies.  Also, I am skewing the meals this week to include less sugar and more protein as a shout out to my buddy Amy.

Here’s what we’re getting in our local box:

  • Fresh Pinto Beans – Just Peach
  • Mixed Lettuce – Bluebonnet
  • Basil – Urban Roots
  • Radish – My Father’s Farm
  • Bell Peppers – Acadian
  • Sweet Potatoes – Naegelin
  • Cherry Tomatoes – Pedernales Valley
  • Jalapenos- not sure where from
  • Eggplant – Tecolote
  • Herb – Pure Luck
  • Baby Squash – Animal Farm

Here’s what we’re making:

Wednesday: Baked sweet potatoes, sauteed baby squash, Old fashioned wilted lettuce
Thursday: Thai Ground Chicken Basil on a bed of raw bean sprouts
Friday: Fresh pasta with basil pesto & roasted cherry tomatoes (high protein: sub baked chicken breast for the fresh pasta)
Saturday:  Easy Texas Chili (PERFECT TEXAS TAILGATE RECIPE!!!)
Sunday: Leftover chili
Monday: Radish Top Soup , steamed radishes
Tuesday: Whole crock pot chicken with herbs, Eggplants a la Dawlish