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Sad Day

You guys, today sucked really hard.  I work at UT, where today a 19 year old kiddo came to school and shot himself.  I was in lock down in my office for about 4 hours, waiting and waiting for news about whether everyone in our little community was safe.  We all are safe, thank goodness, except for that poor lost student.

Less than a year ago, my department was affected personally by a similar violent suicide.  Of course, all the anguish and anger I’ve been feeling about that for the past 6 months came pouring up to the surface today, and I had a really hard time holding it together in the office.  Especially when I saw tanks and SWAT personnel running through my beloved 40 Acres with guns.  That made me cry.  I’m not sure when I’ll be able to enjoy spending time at the PCL again.

We were sent away from campus at about 12:30 this afternoon.  I was too wound up to go home, so I checked in with Rami and we decided that I should buy an ice cream machine to help cheer me up.  I stopped at Sur la Table and found this little beauty (it’s even orange!) for just $40.

When I got to the check out, the cashier asked if she could update my address.  Sure, I said.  But then I couldn’t remember my address, and after a few minutes of stammering and trying to remember, I started crying at the counter.  Ugh.  The store staff was very graceful about the whole thing, but I was mortified.  Luckily there are not many people in Sur la Table on Tuesday afternoons.

Tonight I’m feeling lots things:  relief that everyone I know is safe, a profound sadness for the the network of friends and family that the shooter left behind, and really, really angry that someone would want to hurt the Longhorn community that I love so much.

I try to focus my writing on this blog to food, and I don’t want to get to personal in this forum. However, I want to reach out to the little community that I’m part of here and say thank you all so much. Thanks for tweeting and texting and calling me to make sure I’m safe. Thanks for worrying about me, and thanks for keeping the whole UT community in your thoughts in the next few days. We all need some extra support.


Run away screaming

This article by the Washington Post will help give you all the willpower you need to make dinner at home tonight: Eating a large tuna sub at Quizno’s is the equivalent of eating a stick of butter. Una Chicago Pizzeria’s individual deep dish pizza has as much fat as 45 strips of bacon. Read the whole thing here: http://bit.ly/djuXoK

Chloe Bear

Chloe has had a really rough weekend. There was more cat barf waiting for me at home on Friday after work, and the number of barfs combined with some other digestive issues (euphemism!) made me decide to take Chloe to the vet.  Rami and I were supposed to have date night Friday, so when he got to my place around 6:30 we took Chloe to an emergency vet clinic in northwest Austin. How romantic.

The trip there was pretty rough. Chloe was feeling icky and she had some accidents  in her carrier (euphemism!) on the way to the vet’s office. We waited, stinking, for about 90 minutes at the clinic reception area before we got a room. I want to underscore what a sad, scary place the waiting room of the emergency vet is. I don’t intend this to reflect poorly on how the clinic is run. Chloe’s condition was stable when we arrived so we were low on the triage totem pole and a 90 minute wait was justified. Still, it is so difficult to be in a space, stinking, with your sick animal while you watch other freaked-out sick animals and their freaked-out owners walking by.

By the time we were assigned to a treatment room Chloe’s condition had worsened pretty significantly. She was dehydrated, her eyes were dull, and she wouldn’t move, meow or purr much at all.  After some blood tests we learned that her kidney function was compromised, probably because of an infection of some kind. The doctor recommended that Chloe be hospitalized overnight so that we could get some fluids in her and get her to pee for more tests. Plus there was a slight chance that she could become a lot worse very quickly, so it was best to keep her under medical supervision until her vitals were stable.

I had cried some earlier in the evening, but I totally lost it when it was time to sign Chloe’s intake papers. Seriously, it was awful. The list of tests, medications, and procedures was really long and scary and an entire page of the intake paperwork was an optional do-not-resuscitate order for my cat. I had never thought about whether I would want a vet to perform CPR on my sweet little cat, and I was so shocked by the decision that I ended up sobbing at the vet tech for several minutes while I tried to process the fact that Chloe could die that night. Awful. Awful. Awful.

After I filled out the paperwork I took a break from crying and gave Chloe some TLC before giving her over to the tech for hospitalization.

Luckily, Chloe ate a bunch of watered down Fancy Feast overnight and peed up a storm. Tests on the  pee-pee confirm a serious bacterial infection.  She needed four bags of IV fluid to rehydrate completely so the vet could start her on antibiotics.  By this evening, her kidneys appear to be functioning normally. Rami and I are going to pick her up in a few minutes and I can not tell you how grateful I am to be bringing my kitty home safe.

It is too soon to tell whether Chloe will ever completely recover normal kidney function and I am going to have to keep a close eye on her in the coming weeks since there is still a chance of renal failure. But, that means I get to spend the coming weeks with her! Shoving antibiotic pills down her esophogus!

Everyone give your furry friends some extra lovin’ tonight. I know I definitely will! Right after I learn how to administer her meds.