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#20: Untitled Nothing Factory

Girl standing in front of artPhoto: Liz Love

This wall was just part of a really inspiring, ephemeral art project called “Untitled Nothing Factory” by Amanda Ross-Ho at the Visual Arts Center on the UT campus. Unfortunately, the exhibit’s gone. But it’s being replaced by “Apparent Weight,” an exhibit showcasing the work of students in the UT MFA program. I can’t wait to see the new works in a few weeks at the gallery opening. If I’m not finished with 30×30 by then, you’ll get to see them, too!


#16: McCullough Theatre

Photo: Amy Russell

#9: The Daisy Argument

Photo credit: Liz Love

This awesome art installation is “The Daisy Argument” by Natasha Bowdoin. It’s free to visit at the VAC on the UT Campus.

#8: The Parking Garage

Photo credit: Liz Love

#7: Northwest Hills

Photo credit: Liz Love

#7: Texas Natural Science Center

Photo credit: Liz Love

#6: “The Antone” at Mueller

Photo credit: Liz Love